Spiros Badios

Name: Spiros Badios

Date of birth: 04.26.86

Set up : Nitro Chuck 157, Team Boot TLS,  Phantom bindings

Stance : regular , 15 -15

When did you started snowboarding: In 2005, as soon as i moved in Kozani as a student.

Any dream came true:Well, after spending some seasons in a caravan under the snow, gaining lots of crazy experiences from heliboarding to survival-camps, I finally was given the chance to participate in the first greek documentary about snowboarding. Go and check out The Thing about Greece!

In case you don't have a shovel: It hardly ever happens. but when it does, I use my hands or make my own tools for digging.

Favorite mountain: Vasilitsa, (Grevena,Greece)

Favorite tunes: Anything that makes me feel good and dance passionately; I'm an 80-90s weirdo too.

How do you feel when you're on the mountain: Free.

Future plans: Top secret.

Any favorite filmers: Marina, Themis, Bill 

When there is no snow what do you do: Since I'm an adrenaline and creativity junkie I just can't get myself sucked into a couch or something. I'll go skateboarding,ride my bmx,have fun surfing,skimboarding and make some movies. Anything that pops up on my mind and feels good I'll do it like it was my last day living.

Which magazines motivated you to start snowboarding: I remember FUSE and DROPIN. The first time I got them in my hands I used to read the hell out of them on a daily basis and got even thrilled when I eventually met people I admired.

People who make you happy: Not many... All those I spend my time with, having at least some passion and enthusiasm in common.manic side!

People who get you upset: Those who want to have everything done with no effort, dependant people, illiberal people, the spoiled ones always seeking the easy way.

Favorite  riders :John Jackson for the big stuff and Eero Ettala for the all around fun.


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