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1)Name: Thodoris Banis

2) Date of birth:

2 February 1990

3)Set up : Jart board, jart wheels, destructo bearings, destructo trucks, c1rca shoes.

4)Stance : Regular

5) Starting date: 2003

6) Best trick: backside double flip

7) Favorite spots: White Tower’s curbs, Trikala’s full pipe plus many more.

8) Favorite cue: Live it OR Leave it

9)People that make you happy: My family, my best buddies (they know who) and people who support me!

10)Favorite music: Hip hop, drum&bass

11) Best day on skate: Good company, good mood and perfect weather!

12) Favorite riders : Tommy Sandoval,Kenny Hoyle,David Gravette,John & Yotis Gordios,Notis Agelis,Thomas Kolousis,John Gegopoulos


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