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Name:Alex Alexandridis

Birth :29/91983

Starting date :1996


Best trick: Pedal tricks & spinnings
Favorite spots :Alexander the Great statue

People that make you happy: those with positive energy,and those who know the meaning of the real life progression

Music: Ambient,Chill Out,Electronica,Hip Hop it depends of the moment

Best session day: Hitting new tricks with style and then buy beers for friends

Favorite riders: Alex Jumelin,Hiroya Morisaki,Sakis Doumas,Chris Vasileiou Jimmy Mpak,George Kiko,Giannis Katernelis

Dream that came true.:Hanging out with the top super pro worldwide flatland riders,organize international contests, distribute bmx parts for some bmx shops in greece,perform various shows all over greece and europe,and for many years bmx was my full time job,i was living the dream,now my target goes to another directions

Contest's biography

2003 Bmx world Championships In Portugal Beja 9th place,
2004 International BMX Flatland contest'Flatground' Amsterdam Netheralnds 5thplace,
2004 Braun Ninja Spin Contest Paris France 4th place,
2004 BMX Wordls Championship Cologne Germany 8th place,
2005 Lord Of Balance National Greek contest 1st place,
2005 Braun Ninja Spin Paris France 6th place,
2005 Lord Of Balance 2 International contest Salonika Greece 3th place
2005 Nokia Freestyle BMX International CONTEST 6th place Prague CZ Republic
2005 Braun Flatground Amsterdam Netherlands 4th place
2008 Circle Of Cow International Contest Servon France 1st Place
2009 Cirlce Of Cow Bmx flatland International Contest Servon France 5th place
2009 Riviera Ninja Spin International Flatland Contest in Monaco Monte Carlo 2th place
2011 Circle Of Cow International Bmx Flatland Contest 15th place(pro category)

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