Go Skateboarding Day | Thessaloniki Greece 2016

Go skateboarding day was a creat excuse to have some of the best sk8 events in thessaloniki recently.

We start with the ES game of skate at abandoned Xarhakos Sk8park where after the Kiddo contest, the young guns together with big guys had an exciting Game of skate with the Kastoria invader Goulios Takis getting the first place, battling at the final with Silleliadis Pantelis,the gold metal  the 200,00 cash price plus a pair of brand new ES shoes. Thodoris Banis  got the Bronze metal.  After that all the skaters cruised through Tsimiski str to the Stamp Festival - Poselli event demonstrating for a new skatepark and sk8 friendly bike roads in the city.

 After getting some wings  from Red Bull and Poselli pizzas everyone get psyched with the Hippie Jump where Alex Lampridis from 1055 Rock was flying over 1.25m and the prize, the Ollie contest  where Mr Koutris ollied higher and the hardcore Long Pizza Jump where after tons of slams Katsaridas jumped over 9  Big Poselli Pizzas

Meanwhile we collect more than 1000 signatures for requesting our new skatepark and sk8 friendly bike roads in our city.  We would like to share big props to every participant, all the guys that helped to make this celebration possible, and  big thanks to 1055 Rock, Poselli Pizza and Red Bull for the support plus all the sk8shops in the city that "spread the word''  Microxtreme, 360 Underground, Zero Gravity, Slalom and Captain.  Next year will do it Bigger for sure!


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