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1.Name :  Bilal Barmawi '"Billy"

 2.When were you born ?  04.07.1990 

 3.Home mountain ? Vithosha

 4.When did you start snowboarding? The year was 2004`

 5.A dream come true ? Traveling the world and snowboarding in the best parks but first I want to visit Japan to get a taste of that deep POWDER. 

 6.Favourite mountain? One that dumps all the time, has a lot of big snowboard parks with a lot of features and steep hills. 

 7.Favourite trick ? Cab 270 Frontboard 

 8.Favourite music ? hip hop,rap, jazz, reggae, drum&bass, grime

 9.Favourite competition :Frontline rail Jam Stockholm ,   Redbull Fragments Bulgaria 

 10.Best day at the mountain?  Bluebird sky with light and deep snow  

 11. Who are your favourite riders? Halldor Helgason, Chris Bradshaw, Jed Anderson, Ludwig Lejkner, Keegan Valaika, Kazu Kakubo and more .... 

 12.Who would you like to thank?  I would like to thank my family and MicroXtreme  for having me on their team

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