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Last Saturday, 2nd of September 2017, Vans Shop Riot Series had its last stop in Athens, Greece for the Greek Qualifiers! More than 800 spectators from all over Greece and Cyprus, gathered at Maroussi Skatepark, at OAKA, for the 4th consecutive Vans Shop Riot in Greece. Skateboarding at its finest. Skate shop battles, 1 Best Trick contest from Monster & 1 Best Trick contest from Nixon and 2 SkateYou challenges. Skatepark was illustrated with this year’s Vans Shop Riot logo by local legend Billy Gee to welcome this year’s 7 participating skate shops and the new generation of skaters. Danny Wainright (MEA Skateboard Team Manager since 2010 and owner of the project Elite club), Sam Partaix (member of Vans family and Vans skate team the last 7 years) and Thomas Galanis (legend of the Greek Skateboarding scene) were part of this year’s awesome’s judging team! A really close, full of hammers, battle between MicroXtreme and Slut Boardshop took place on the finals. MicroXtreme took home the 1000€ prize and a ticket for Milan for the big finals to represent Greece and their shop. Thanos Panou from Slut Boardshop dominated the quarter contest by winning the Nixon Best Trick, while Arthur Kiviliov nailed the Monster Best Trick with a heavy ‘Backside Big Spin Lipslide’ down the biggest handrail of the park winning 300€. Skaters took off their shoes ’92-94’ Style’ and then skated their longest Ollies for SkateYou app Challenges. Beers, music and hot dogs until the next day. This is it, pure skateboarding and good times.

Results Vans Shop Riot MicroXtreme Slut Boardshop Color Skateshop Best Trick Nixon Thanos Panou Best Trick Monster Arthur Kiviliov SkateYou Barefoot Challenge Dimitris Vasilioy Panos Loupis Solon Charitonides SkateYou Longest Challenge Thanasis Arampoulis

"Waves Will Save Us” by Dead Beach

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