The 3D's , Dream, Dig, Dare /// Spiros Badios winter motivation /// FULL MOVIE

Spiros Badios is an action sports athlete and cinematographer from the Greek island of Corfu. Since a very young age, snowboarding was his insane dream. Without the ability of being close to a mountain he worked hard his way up into the snowboard community of Greece as a motivational and true rider to the core. Surviving the "modern" world in a manic, wild and free way and here's how he does it...

Directed and Edited by Spiros Badios

Filmed by Gorilla Entertainment, Fabio Kraniotis, Spiros Badios, Themistocles Lambridis,

Additional Filming by: Katerina Soldatou, Marina Badiou, Meletis Vaxevanidis, Alex Johny Pappas, Yiannis Michalas, Tasos Takolas, Nikos Gogos, Giorgos Priftis and friends

Supported by : The Thing About Greece , Gorilla Entertainment, Greece has Soul, Microxtreme, Corfu Pappas Bee, MS boarding co. , Rockit Sport, CasaLaMundi

Manic Side production 

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