MX team @ Vans Shop Riot Finals - Breda Netherlands

(un) Lucky 13

The date and the location of the event changed many times,  but finally we ‘re at the gate 13 at Makedonia Airport ready to get our flight to Amsterdam for the Final of the VANS shop Riot.

Notis was again late and with the last minute addition of Alexandros we end up sitting at the no 13 seat row ready to fly!

3 hours later our personal Chaufer - DJ producer Fabian  is waiting at the airport to get us for a superb ride with his “supercar’’

and his latest tunes at our final destination 1 ½ hour  driving south to Breda and the PIER 15 skatepark for the Venue.The park is really nice with great flow and ‘’fresh’’ obstacles.

Later on we’re heading to our hotel room, number 113 !!  in order to chill while waiting  for the arrival of the rest of the team. 

Giorgio and Mitchell arrived early next morning with big smiles after the VIP ride with Fabian.

Getting at the  Vans school bus and through  the foggy scenery  we’re back at the PIER 15  for some warmup  runs, all together with the elite of European skateboarding,  and the unexpected happened , when Mitchel twist again his angle and the event came to an early end for him.  

Notis and Giorgio had to compete to an uneven battle and besides that they managed to have a great solid run and get to the final 8! Next run, we’re battling with the “Skatewarehouse” team and lost only few points.

At the semifinals the local’s favorite, ‘’Burnside’’  team lost against “Skate Boutigue” team, who end up to the final competing our opponents “Skate Warehouse”  and claimed the trophy.

An awesome event with a great vibe came to its end, reminding us what skateboarding is all about, thanks to all the skaters who participated. 
Non stop party until our flight early next morning, a promise that it will come stronger for 2018.


 1.Skate Boutique

2.Skate Warehouse

 Best Trick Winner:

Pedro Roseiro (Bana) – Nollie BS 180 fakie 5-0

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