THE IGLOO PROTZEKT - 2 weeks of Pure Outdoors in Vasilitsa

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Late in the winter of 2018, a handful of wandering snowboarders decided to establish the first ever igloo village in Greece, on Mt Vasilitsa in the Pindos Mountain range. After 2 weeks of abstract weather shifts, bear and fox visits and lots of burnt snowboard boots, this nomadic group of filthy animals was left with nothing but soaking socks and swollen faces. Oh... and good times. The man behind the scenes, and driving force behind this entire project is Spiros Badios, adventurer, explorer, snowboarder, surfer, skater and all around legend. When he's not building igloos he lives on the island of Corfu where he surfs, skates, snowboards, makes his own boards and fights for ecological rights. He's also the face behind the web series Manic Side Vlog and in case you haven't already seen the precursor to this project you can check it out here!

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Igloo architect: Spiros Badios Filmed by: Themistocles Lambridis, Spiros Badios, Andreas Mitsioulis and Anstasia Vasilakopoulou

Featuring: Badios, Hill Bill, Zethon, Sporos, Takolas, Nikolas, Nikou, Prosalentis, Kokkinos, Argyris, LA, Marios, Antonis David, Bounovas, Jojo, Margarita, Nikos, Lida, Giorgos, Thanasis, Fasolias, Iraklis, Polimeroudis, Eleni, Katerina, Niovi.

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