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Oneball P-TEX 8mm

SKU: 555133038

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There is nothing worse then a big rock gouge in the base of your board. Repair those deep gouges in your base of your ski or snowboard with our Ptex sticks. These Ptex repair sticks come in both clear and black colors and in 2 primary sizes of 8mm and 11mm. To repair your base you need to first make sure your base is clean of any wax. Use our base cleaner to prep the repair area. Then using a steel scraper or razor blade try and get the area around the gouge flat and clear of any frays of Ptex. Make sure it's a nice smooth surface to bond to. Then using a lighter heat up the Ptex stick to where its on fire like a candle holding the stick at an angle so the material drips off the stick into the gouge. Fill the gouge completely until its flush with base. Too much is better than not enough. Let the material cool and then using a sharp razor blade carefully cut any additional material that has filled the repair hole so the base is flush.

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