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Nitro Venture Tls Brown - Black Ανδρικές Μπότες Snowboard

SKU: 653138015


Peak To Park Comfort

The comfort, convenience, and versatility of the Venture snowboard boot allows for shredding all over the mountain and dipping in and out of the park with confidence and control.

Designed with one goal in mind – to create the perfect blend of comfort and board feel, without sacrificing performance or longevity. The Cloud 6 Liner and Flex Link Design offer a perfect snug fit right out of the box, while the Rubber Outsole and New Solo Ortholite Footbed offer the longevity and everlasting comfort for charging all season. The Re/Lace Liner Locker system allows you to easily make mid-day adjustments on the chair or at the top of the mountain without having to undo your TLS or Standard Laces, this is key on cold weather days. The Nitro Venture snowboard boot offers the true fit and comfort needed to progress all over the trail map with ease and peace of mind!


Response : 7

Comfort: 3

Freedom : 7


Rubber Outsole, Eva Midsole, Flex Link Design, Tls 5 Twin Lacing System, Molded Tls Lace Handles, Bail Out System, Cloud 6 Liner, Ils Liner Lacing, Re/Lace Liner Locker, Solo Ortholite® Footbed

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