Warranty policy

A warranty can be requested for any product that presents a manufacturing defect. The way each warranty is being administrated, depends on the product and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you realize there is a defect in the product you received, you can contact with us and we will guide you on the steps you need to take, in order we manage your issue the most effective way.


WARRANTY FOR TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT (snowboards, split boards, snow boots, bindings, skateboards, helmets, goggles, technical wear etc)

Regarding JONES snowboards, every consumer may contact directly to the company (JONES) and solution will be given, without our intervention. This is possible only if, by the purchase of the product, the customer registers and completes his details at https://www.jonessnowboards.com/en-US/help-center/warranty-registration.html, gaining an additional warranty time (2+1 years from date of purchase).

For all other brands, please contact us by phone at +302310476463 (Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00) or email at [email protected] . We will inform you about the details we will need and the possible pending time needed for the warranty to be approved.             

In order to process warranty of technical equipment, proof of purchase is required.


NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY (technical equipment)

Normal wear which results from the typical use that occurs over time.

Impact or defect resulting from contact with objects and / or people

  • lift seats
  • railings
  • rocks
  • walls
  • base or top bubble from falling on hard ground
  • broken edges

Misuse that leads to equipment failure

  • boots which have been dried on high temperature melting the glue
  • fading color of technical clothing from poor storage
  • poor maintenance, incorrect washing

Note that waterproofing materials used in technical clothing require special cleaning with special detergents. Incorrectly washed clothes and detergents are not covered by warranty.

Spare parts, hardware, accessories lost after the purchase of the equipment.




In case you face a spare part issue, we will most likely be able to serve you without the company’s interference.

Microxtreme stores have been offering their services in action sports and streetwear for almost 3 decades. All these years, in addition to the knowledge we have gained, we also own a huge selection of spare parts that often fit to cover minor problems in technical equipment without wasting time claiming warranty from manufacturers. We know very well what frustration can cause an accident on a snowboard, boots or straps that will occur in mid-winter preventing you from doing your favorite hobby. Hence, for snowboards, skateboards, split boards, helmets as well as technical wear and tear on spare parts, get in touch with us and we will be happy to solve your problem.



In case you receive or realize that the product you purchased is defective, you may contact us to guide you through the warranty application process.

Below you will find the procedure need to follow before contacting us.

  1. Make sure your problem is covered by warranty. (see below “NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY”)
  2. Take 1-2 photos covering the entire product and 2-3 photos from close range (15-30cm) the actual defect. Blurry photos will not be accepted.
  3. In any case, proof of purchase of the product will be required from the customer, before contacting the manufacturer. Without proof of purchase, we cannot proceed with the warranty process. (take a photo of it)
  4. Email us the photos, let us know the item’s size and describe the problem as well as the way it occurred.
  5. Please wait for the defect inspection process and the manufacturer's final decision.

If we consider any of the above information is incomplete or not visible, you are likely to be asked to resubmit it. In some cases you will be required to send the defective product to our headquarters for further examination or at the request of the manufacturer. In such case, you will not be charged the shipping costs for the return.

For warranty cases, please contact us at [email protected] and we will inform you for further details we will need and the possible pending time required for the warranty to be approved.



Damage due to wear and tear over time

  • fading
  • molten sole
  • poor storage

Laundry clothes and shoes (if the manufacturer prohibits it) or if the correct washing instructions were not followed.

Wear or damage caused by activities not intended for the product.

Destruction by abuse or neglect.

• contact with fire

• contact with chemical or caustic liquids

• Exposure to very high temperatures

• sharp objects




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